If you are looking for Nails salon near me, you have to follow some steps then you can found nail salon near me. Google map has given a feature to find the nail salon near by you. then you have to follow some instructions to be at a nail salon.

Nails are important to add some glory in your looks. you can buy fiberglass for nails and make a beautiful design over that.

STEP-1:- open google maps in your device, then type ‘nails salon near me’ in search query box. Now tap on magnifying glass to get results.

Nails salon near me
Nail salon near me

STEP-2:- Now tap on goggle maps and you will get map on full screen and on the left side you will get the name of nail salons. Next to name of nail salons you can see the ‘directions’ button.

Google map for nail salon
Google map for Nail salons

STEP-3:- When you tap on the directions you will get a screen as shown below. In this screen you will get your location and ‘nail salon near me’ location. Below locations you will find the estimated time to reach a nail salon. On the right side you can see the possible paths to reach to nails salon, you can choose either one which is best for you.

direction to reach nail salon

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