Some Stunning Nails Design – [Nails shape Explained]

There are lots of nails shape you can choose from and select a best nails design that suits you. Nails always add glory in your looks so choose a nail design wisely.

Nails shape
Different Type of Nails Design

If you are about to go for Nail Saloon and still not sure what nail shape you want . you want to go for almond nail shape or you should go for oval or you should go for any other nail shapes. Find out your question and then read the answer carefully .

What nail shape is best for fingers?

First you need to check your cuticles. According manicurist while deciding about your nails shape you should follow your cuticles like if your cuticles are oval you should go for oval.

What’s the nails design that is very strong?

If you decide to have a strongest nail shape. you need to cut your nails as short as possible with round edge. That will be very strong nail shape you can adopt.

What’s the nail shape that is very popular?

According to a survey most of the people want short, rounded square nails shape . But some people want other nails design they are less in number.

What is the look that you want for your fingers?

You have to decide that what kind of look you want for your fingers fat or thinner. According to that you need to try nails designs . You can try some nails shapes and choose from that. You can avoid short and square instead of you can go for almond or stiletto.

I believe that’s enough for finding what suits you. now here we will going to have a look on different shape of nails. Here we will describe some of the coolest nails designs.

1. Round

The best shape for short nails. Round nails design is the most strongest also. So you can adopt that . it will help you to maintain the natural shape of nails.

2. Rounded Square

As name suggests Rounded Square is the combination of two types of designs counterpart is angular and other looks like a looks very awesome if nails are little bit longer.

3. Oval

If you want a look that’s appearance shows your finger slim. you can go for oval nails designs . for that you must have longer nails . In this nail shape counter part is ended as oval.

4. Almond

Take oval nails a step ahead and try almond nails design that shows your finger more slimmer. Almond shape is narrow and ending at a rounded point. this one is my favorite design.

5. Stiletto

I believe this one is very hard nails design . Very long nails with very Sharpe ended tip. there are very few people who want stiletto nails design for them.

6. Lipstick

It will be like fun and also have a huge fan following . Long nails have a lipstick like ending. lipstick nail shape has very awesome look.

7. Coffin

Coffin Nails shape is also have a great fan following and looks like coffin.

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