Tips to Dye Your Hair at Home : Just Like a Pro

Approximately 43 million ladies in the U.S. have colored their hair in the previous a half year, thinks about show. Be that as it may, with the colossal cluster of hair color items, conceal alternatives, and strategies accessible, it’s difficult to tell how to hit the nail on the head with regards to dyeing your hair at home. Regardless of whether you’re thinking balayage, dim darker, reddish, blonde, or past, we have Beauty Lab and professional insider facts for getting (and keeping) the head-turning hair color you had always wanted.

hair color
Hair Color

Before you are ready to color your hair,check the list for necessary things:

1 Lab’s tested boxed hair color
2 Color brush
3 Latex free disposable gloves
4 Clear solid lip balm

Prior to dyeing, a couple of things you should remember: You’ll need to spare significant hair color changes for the salon. The greatest DIY dyeing disaster is figuring you can change from, state, dark to platinum hair at home (or even from darker to blonde). Changes starting with one color family then onto the next can require numerous procedures, which are best left to a salon colorist who realizes how to evaluate tones and limit harm. “When dyeing your hair yourself, remain inside two shades, lighter or darker, of your present color,” says Kari Hill, a big name colorist at Mè€che Salon in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that your outcome will be somewhere close to your common color and the photograph on the crate.

You ought to likewise avoid a color work on the off chance that you’ve as of late loose or permed your hair, since the two procedures can cause harm. You ought to be protected on the off chance that you “hold up in any event seven days after a perm or different procedure to apply color,” says Sarah Schlosser, supervisor of Clairol Consumer Relations. “What’s more, recollect that treated hair will process color all the more rapidly, so you would prefer not to leave it on as long.”

1 select your shade

First select the shade according to your hairstyle that you have and also ask to someone might be he/she will give you the best suggestion for hair color.

hair color shades
Hair Color Shades

2 Buy Two Boxes of dye

It’s a smart idea to buy Two boxes of hair color because if you are dying your hairs and at the end you came to know that dye finished but your hairs are not colored yet you want some more dye to finish the coloring.

3 Don’t Skip Strand Test

It’s highly recommended to have a test before using any product that contains chemical because a color dye contains chemical and if you skip the test that can be a cause for hair loss, different kind of allergies .so please do not skip the test .

4 Go Naked

while coloring your hairs you can put on some old clothes because at the time of coloring hairs you may see some strains on your clothes. So if you wearied useless old clothes that should be beneficial.

also you can have choose a apparel for coloring purpose only.

5 Protect Skin From Dye

At the time of dying your hair its necessary to protect your skin from dye because it might be cause for skin burn or allergies. So have a piece of clothes or a towel that you can put on your shoulders and it will protect your skin from Dye.

hair color
hair color

6 lay out all your tools like a surgeon

When a doctor starts a surgery he takes out all his tools on a table so when he needed something he can find it on the table.You can do the same thing because while dying your hair you might be looking for something that can help you .

7 Don’t mix shades for custom color

Do not mix the shades for custom color that can destroy the custom color shade.

8 Take a Extra Pair of Gloves

Its quite enough to have a extra pair of gloves sometimes its happened that we required a extra pair of gloves.

9 Do not Squeeze from Bottle

10 Start from Top

Its gonna help you to start from the top so you can cover all the hairs and not gonna destroy a shade that you choose.

11 Have Two Mirror

Having tow mirror will help you to have a look on the backside.

12 Highlight your hair with old toothbrush

With the help of old toothbrush you can highlight the shade in your hair.

13 swipe shampoo

If you are going to shampoo your hair do not go for a hard shampoo it can wash your color as well.

14 use color boosting gloss

Lots of accessories available in the market that can boost your color shine.

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